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9 Things You’ll Get Addicted to in California

9 Things You’ll Get Addicted to in California


We’re ready to assert that California is hands down the most culturally diverse state. The cultural celebration that lies within the hearts of Californians is immensely palpable. Every day there are displays of cultural appreciation that thrives in the golden state’s culinary offering and culturally rich communities. Tamales? Vietnamese Pho? Indian food? California has got it all. Even more contagious is the true appreciation and gratitude that accompanies the love of all cultures. California is doing something right. You’ll feel so loved and wanted that you’ll simply never want to leave.

Culinary Variety

Fueled by the cultural diversity that Californians pride themselves on so much, the decadent flavors of the variety of cultural backgrounds thrive in the heart of cities like Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Diego. Don’t believe us? Californians are so obsessed with their ethnic food culture that they even dedicate entire festivals to it! The annual tamale festival in Indio and the Taste of Ecuador festival in Los Angeles are proof. You’ll become insanely addicted to your newfound ability to satisfy literally any food craving you’ll ever have.

Being Fit

Californians have some rockin’ bods. No wonder – they have just about every type of fitness guru at their disposal. Is yoga your thing? Ok – take your pick from hot yoga, vinyasa yoga, hybrid yoga, California has it all. Oh – you’re hardcore? Just attend one of the many cross fit gyms littered throughout the state. Attend a spin class. Or hire your own personal trainer. The point is, in California there is literally no reason not to have a bangin’ bod. Once you feel the burn, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Clothing is Optional

Remember how we mentioned those hard-earned hard bodies that Californians love so much? Well, they certainly don’t like to put in all that hard work to not show it off. It’s not uncommon to see Californians scantily clad, parading around in bikinis and board shorts – and honestly, do you blame them? With bodies so hella tight, we should be thanking them for allowing us the viewing pleasure.

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Sure – you can have brunch anywhere, but in California, brunch is Brunch: with a capital “B”. Brunching is something that Californians have perfected – and they can’t get enough. In fact, many local eateries host special brunch menus with delectable cuisine to satisfy your palate whether you have a craving for perfectly prepared made-to-order omelets, or a freshly carved piece of prime rib. Mmmm…brunch.

The Music Scene

Coachella, anyone? Yeah – California is home to some of the hottest music scenes in the biz. If you want to see an artist, chances are they’re playing near you. Unlike the rest of the country, California will never feel the need to beg for artists to visit their state! So… put on your hottest concert attire and head out to the newest, most happening music festivals. Everyone will be there. Disclaimer: once you’ve gone once, there is no turning back. Californians love their music.

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Health Conscious Diets

Californians love their food – and more often than not, their food loves them back! Californians understand the value of a good meal, and not just for taste’s sake. Food buzzwords that will keep Californians coming back for more include “antioxidants”, “paleo”, and “vegan”. When you need a convenient meal in California you don’t have to worry about compromising health for time’s sake.

Worshiping the Sun

With some of the country’s best weather, it’s difficult to stay indoors. Add in the lustrous beaches and outdoor activities that are so easily enjoyed, and you’ll soon realize why the state’s natives are basically the sun gods and goddesses of the west coast. Californians worship the sun – and their sun kissed bodies are proof.

True Freedom to be Truly You

Ranking as one of the most tolerant states in the country, California allows each of its residents to be as unique and true to their souls as they desire to be. Home to one of the largest populations of LGBTQ persons, an impressive variety of religiously diverse backgrounds, and immigrants from an array of countries, California has acknowledged the diversity within and nurtured and celebrated it. Kudos, Cali!

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