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Top 5 California Destinations to Consider When You’re Ready to Pop the Question

Top 5 California Destinations to Consider When You’re Ready to Pop the Question

Top 5 California Destinations to Consider When You’re Ready to Pop the Question


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California is full of incredible places to visit, explore, dine, lodge, and make memories. How are you supposed to choose the absolute perfect place to ask what may arguably be the most important question you EVER ask in your entire life? It is common knowledge that tying the knot is stressful, but deciding where to commence this new life chapter doesn’t have to be! Below we have compiled a list of the top 5 California destinations to consider when you’re ready to pop the question. These potential proposal sites are sure to leave her speechless- after she says YES! Don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself.

1. Urban Light at Los Angeles County Museum of Art – L.A. County, CA

Ok, this one is for the art loving partner. Trust us when we say that there is just something about lighting when it comes to romance. Some prefer ambient lighting, some prefer shimmering bright lights. This display at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, located in the BP Pavilion, takes romantic lighting to a whole other realm. Imagine it; the two of you hand in hand, admiring the artistry and strolling beneath the night’s star littered sky after a memorable one-on-one. You come to a breath-taking display of 202 beautiful nostalgic cast iron antique street lights. She gasps in awe of such a tranquil yet thrilling visual. You get down onto one knee, profess your love, and she is smitten. She will never forget this place, this moment, this feeling. She is going to say yes. How could she not?!

2. Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica, CA

If you and your love enjoy thrill-seeking together, the Santa Monica Pier may just be the perfect place to pop the question. When the time comes, you’re more than likely going to be feeling butterflies- the nervous kind. Then again, you’re a thrill seeker, so maybe you’re not. We digress. If you do however happen to be feeling a bit anxious, blame it on the coasters. If you’ve got iron clad self-esteem (go you!) and nerves of steel, you’ll get to hold your love tight while laughing and reveling in the night life and thrill rides. Take a stroll to the end of the pier and do your thing, or if you’re feeling particularly uninhibited take a ride to the top of the ferris wheel and watch her heart skip a beat when you pull out that beautiful symbol of your love and ask her to be your wife. You’re welcome.

3. Hotel Del Coronado – Coronado, CA

Perhaps the love of your life is a timeless beauty, appreciates class, a modern day Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. The Hotel Del Coronado is so unique, so classic, so full of splendor. Situated on Coronado Island, this destination is a guaranteed win. If you were debating between taking her to a nice restaurant, strolling along the beach as the waves softly roll into the shore, or taking a weekend getaway trip, consider your predicament solved. Dine high-class at one of the resort’s seven dining venues, take a long walk on the beach (don’t forget to check out the ocean wildlife in the tide pools), and stay for a romantic weekend to celebrate your new engagement. This stunning place will never disappoint.

4. Balboa Park Casa Del Prado – San Diego, CA

Balboa Park covers 1,200 acres of land and is known for its historically rich art, theatre, and botanical venues. Old Spanish architecture stands tall and grand, gracing the park with a unique beauty not common in such populated urban metro areas. The famous historical Casa Del Prado is a regal Spanish renaissance style building skillfully completed over 100 years ago. The Prado allows pedestrians to walk through the center of the building by passing beneath a giant arch that has been carved out in intricate detail. The elegance alone of this venue is enough to insight a lifetime of nostalgia, but with the added bonus of Balboa Park’s surrounding horticultural displays, this one is sure to please.

5. Napa Valley Wine Train - Napa, CA

All aboard! You may be thinking this one is a stretch; how could a locomotive possibly be romantic? Well trust us, this pick isn’t only romantic, it is truly one of a kind. The majority of the Napa Valley Wine Train was built in 1915 and has been preserved to maintain its classic charm. Should you board this private reserve train, you will be delighted to find that you will be served a gourmet dinner, enjoy a wine tasting, and get to be surrounded by some of California’s most attractive scenic backdrops. Wine country is known for sophisticated class and romance, but she will never see this unique twist coming.


Urban Light at LACMA

Santa Monica Pier

Hotel Del Coronado

Balboa Park

Napa Valley Wine Train

20 AMAZING California Wedding Venues

Whether you're planning a wedding right now or just Pinterest-planning your future wedding, you need to check out this list of 20 amazing California wedding venues.This list covers all areas of California and you are guaranteed to find a venue that suits you from outdoors rugged to plush, indoor elegance.

No matter what your wedding dreams are, they can come true in California.

20 AMAZING California Wedding Venues

1. Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley: It's right there in the title: Cali-stoga Ranch. This beautiful California wedding venue has it all! Spa, formal dining, lodging, and a view that will knock your socks off!

California Wedding Venues From Pinterest - by 2. Owl Creek Weddings in Temecula: This venue is relatively new on the wedding market for Southern California but it is beautiful with a rustic feel and fantastic red barn as the perfect backdrop for any bride looking for a vintage-chic feeling. California Wedding Venues Owl Creek Weddings - Chelsea Steller Photography

3. Stryker Winery in Sonoma: This wintery combines stunning architecture and an amazing view that can't be beat. BuzzFeed named it one of the "22 Coolest PLaces to Get Married in America". We agree!

California Wedding Venues From Pinterest - from 4. Jefferson Street Mansion in Benicia: Looking for an elegant and historic venue? Look no further than the the stunning Jefferson Street Mansion. California Wedding Venues From Bay Area Wedding Venues

5. Cambria Pines Lodge in Cambria: Rustic luxury defines this stunning lodge with many options to accommodate a small wedding (40-60 guests) to a larger wedding (300 guests).

California Wedding Venues From Pinterest - by 6. Cayucos Creek Barn in Cayucos: Chalk this one up for its rustic beauty and charming location! The century-year-old barn is the perfect backdrop for a wedding. California Wedding Venues From Cameron Ingalls Photography 7. The Glass Barn in Ivanhoe: Seven Sycamores Ranch offers a fantastic location channeling the ever-popular theme of vintage meets country. California Wedding Venues From Seven Sycamores Ranch 8. Yosemite Valley Chapel in Yosemite National Park: Are you a fan of the outdoors and love nature? What better way to celebrate your wedding than in Yosemite National Park? Whether it's in winter or summer, this California wedding venue is stunning! California Wedding Venues From Photobucket 9. The Heirloom Inn in Ione: This lovely Central California inn is perfect for outdoor garden weddings with the touch of elegance and a hint of history added by the beautiful brick of the inn. California Wedding Venues From The Heirloom Inn 10. Mill Rose Inn in Half Moon Bay: Not far from the Half Moon Bay Hostel, this charming inn boasts a "classic European elegance by the sea". What could be better for your wedding? California Wedding Venues From The Mill Rose Inn 11. The Garden at Olympic Village Lodge in Squaw Valley: The jaw dropping views of this venue will stun your guests while the top-notch staff at Squaw Valley will make your every dream come true! Check out their website for other wedding locations. California Wedding Venues From Squaw Valley Weddings

12. June Mountain Weddings in June Lake: This full-service venue offers a spectacular view, not to mention the option of riding up on the lift to say "I do". Why not make your grand entrance in style?

California Wedding Venues From Shutterfly - June Mountain Weddings 13. Union Hill Inn in Sonora: With the phrase "rustic and refined" this inn is a perfect location for a discerning bride with an eye toward historic charm and delicate elegance. California Wedding Venues From Union Hill Inn - Photographer Bogdan Condor

14. McCloud Hotel in McCloud: If you're in Northern California, the McCloud Mercantile is an enchanting location offering an historic backdrop and rustic charm.

IMG_2302r1-1024x680 From Shooting Sacramento - by Nhat

15. Bear Flag Farm in Winters: This stunning venue (featured in several popular wedding magazines) is extremely selective with their event booking, but if you can manage to get on the list and afford the price it will be worth it!

California Wedding Venues From Style Me Pretty by Jennifer Skog Photographers 16. Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley: This venue boasts a secluded feel that is at once sophisticated and rustic. California Wedding Venues From Pinterest by Carlie Statsky

17. Viansa Winery and Marketplace in Sonoma: Another beautiful venue to tempt those who love wonderful wine and stunning views. Viansa has indoor and outdoor options that are sure to fit your needs.

California Wedding Venues From Viansa Gallery

18. Casa Romantica in San Clemente: This bluff top estate is a non-profit and any money they collect for your event goes toward maintaining the beautiful grounds. A great way to give back for your wedding.

California Wedding Venues From Kevin Levu Weddings

19. Mountain Home Inn in Mill Valley: With options for "Green Weddings" this is venue boats a breath taking view from high up on Mt. Tamalpais.

California Wedding Venues From Pinterest - by 20. Point Reyes Seashore Lodge: Enjoy all this private country estate has to offer including guest rooms, vast green lawns, catering and rentals all in one place. California Wedding Venues From Style Me Pretty - by Ellie M. Photography Cover photo by E.A. Creative Photography

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