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6 Awesome Secrets About Disneyland

1) Find the Hidden Eeyore
While waiting in the Indiana Jones line during the safety presentation, turn around and look up at the projector. If you can't see the hidden Eeyore, ask a cast member to shine their light up there! The ride was built on top of the old Eeyore parking lot, the character is an old sign from the lot and a tribute to what used to be.
2) Ride the Lilly Belle
Have you always wanted to know what it feels like to ride the famous Lilly Belle? If you arrive early enough in the day, and the special train car is operating, you will be able to go to the Train Station and ask a cast member to take your reservation for a free ride. If you are successful, then you can have a free 20-30 min ride in the lavish VIP train!
lilly bell
3) Club 33
Did you know about the exclusive club located above the Blue Bayou restaurant in New Orleans Square? It's called Club 33, and with very limited membership is quite easily one of the nicest 5 star restaurants in the area. Entertaining guests of the highest caliber, the restaurant is used to seating famous actors, presidents, and even sometimes the everyday person if you can find an in with an existing member.
4) Scary Queen
Have you ever watched the window above Snow White's Scary Adventures? If you pay close enough attention you'll find the Wicked Queen peeking through the curtains and watching you make your way in...
evil queen
5) Captain the Mark Twain
Ever thought how cool it would be to captain the Mark Twain Riverboat? If you ask a cast member nicely, they will send you up to the second story upon boarding. After knocking on the Private door, you will be greeted by the Captain, who will show you how to drive, tell you when to blow the horn during the ride, and even give you a certificate of ability to captain the Mark Twain and sign your name in the guestbook of Captains afterwards.
6) Hidden Buzz Lightyear Target
Are you never able to beat your friends on the Buzz Lightyear ride? When you come around to Zurg's ship, aim for the target that is at the bottom, it will get you 25,000 extra points if you hit it right! Keep your friends guessing at your Space Ranger skills!
Source: Do you know any hidden secrets about Disneyland? Comment below!

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