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Top 5 Outlet Malls to Check Out During Your Visit to California

Top 5 Outlet Malls to Check Out During Your Visit to California

Top 5 Outlet Malls to Check Out During Your Visit to California

Ah, retail therapy. What more is there to say? The reward, and sometimes remorse, that is felt by throwing caution to the wind and going on a spending spree is a thrill that the majority of us have engaged in at one point or another. We know you love your spontaneously bought new hand bag or your spur of the moment addition to your shoe collection, but those hasty, not to mention expensive decisions can weigh heavy on your bank account once your sanity and rationality has been restored. That’s where outlet malls come in. Shop til you drop and pay half (sometimes much less) than what you would have spent at a retail store. Check out our picks for the top 5 outlet malls in California. If you’re not local, we swear the drive will be worth it!

1. Desert Hills Premium Outlets – Cabazon, CA

At this southern California outlet mall, you can expect to find the crème de la crème of high-end shopping. Jimmy Choo, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, and the famous Salvatore Ferragamo are just a few of the 130 brands that this location has to offer. With that kind of variety, you are guaranteed to find a store that speaks to everyone’s desires. Conveniently built just minutes from the desert oasis of Palm Springs, traveling to this gem caters to the spur of the moment girl’s weekend getaway. The area is home to some of the best casinos, hotels, resorts and spas – which you can TOTALLY afford now that you’ve saved so much on your new threads.

2. Outlets at Tejon – Arvin, CA

Grab the girls - or grab the whole family – and make a day of it at the Outlets at Tejon. This inviting outlet mall has a family-friendly, small-town vibe, that will meet all of your shopping needs from footwear to baby gear. Generously littered with jewelry outlets, popular names like Kay’s and Kevin Jewelers can help you find the perfect watch to accompany the new handbag you just bought at 50% off. Don’t rush home to cook, and don’t bother sitting in sluggish Cali traffic trying to get to a restaurant. The Outlets at Tejon have several options to curb your appetite. Whether you’re in the mood for Mexican cuisine at Don Perico’s or just want to grab a quick snack at Auntie Anne’s, they’ve got you covered.

3. Viejas Outlet Center – Alpine, CA

The Viejas Outlet Center in Alpine, CA boasts claiming it is the premier San Diego shopping experience. With all that this outlet has to offer, we can see why - and we concur. You will never have another shopping experience this grand. Ever. Not only does the Viejas Outlet Center deliver countless high-end stores with merchandise discounted 30%-70% off of retail, they house many fresh eateries, and wait for it…they will entertain you too! Gone are the days of simply shopping and returning home. When you visit the Viejas Outlet Center, you are going to want to make a day – or two – of it. Break up your shopping frenzy with a trip to the bowling alley, ice rink, arcade, or if you’re feeling lucky, play your hand at the slots in the casino. That’s right- a casino. You’re welcome.

4. San Fransisco Premium Outlets – Livermore, CA

San Fransisco is a great destination in and of itself for so many reasons. There is so much to do and see in the golden city – dining, history, nightlife. If you’re visiting the area and want to do some shopping, don’t head home without visiting the San Fransisco Premium Outlets in the suburb of Livermore. I mean, the Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful and all, but is it going to dress you, feed you, and send you home with a new stash of boots, bags, and shades at deep discount? Probably not. Stock up on new wardrobe for the kids and teens at the Abercrombie outlets (YES there are TWO), American Eagle shops, and grab some new kicks at Adidas. Not only will you get them the brand names they really want, but you will pay about half for it. While you’re “in the area”, there is absolutely NO harm in treating yourself to a new pair of boots from Aldo or a new shade of eyeshadow or lip pigment from The Cosmetics Store Co. Of course, you’re going to work up an appetite after all of that hard work, but not to worry. San Fransisco Premium Outlets has several popular dining options (pssst – Chipotle!). Go visit this outlet location, you’ll be glad you did.

5. Camarillo Premium Outlets – Camarillo, CA

Last but certainly not least is the Camarillo Premium Outlets in, you guessed it, Camarillo, CA. This outlet mall has three large clusters of stores to navigate. If you didn’t find what you needed in the choices listed above, you are absolutely certain to find it here. Head on over and have lunch at the classic Johnny Rockets and grab a smoothie at Bananas to fuel up for your shopping adventure. Here you’ll find your favorite popular stores like American Eagle, J.Crew, and Lacoste – but you will also be pleased to find less common outlet mall stores like Janie and Jack, Kate Spade, and Lucky Brand. Finish your day with a well-deserved trip to the chocolate lover’s paradise at Godiva or The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company and find your way home relaxed, renewed, and reeling with excitement over your new merchandise and great finds.

Happy Shopping!

10 Items Every California Girl NEEDS

When it comes to summer, there are a few things every California girl needs!

California Girl Necessities

Perfect sunglasses

Here in the Golden State we love our shades. They're not only extremely helpful in shading our eyes from the bright, beautiful sunshine, but they are an extension of our fashion. Whether you like dark rims, bright colors, or cool aviators, owning the perfect sunglasses is a must! 40_1024x1024 See - even our cute California Limited bear *loves* her sunglasses!


In the summer the best form of transportation is a trusty, 2-wheeled beauty. That's right. Every California girl needs a great bike that will get her from point A to point B ,and everywhere in between. With a bike you get three major benefits:
  1. Eco-friendly - no gas fumes here!
  2. No parking necessary - the ease of riding a bike is that you don't have to scramble to find parking.
  3. Exercise - a great way to stay in shape over the summer.
Screen_Shot_2014-06-18_at_9.22.00_AM_1024x1024 Pair a cutie flannel and one of our tee's for your next evening summer ride.


Whether picked from a garden or given to you by someone special, every California girl needs flowers once in a while. The popular saying, "stop and smell the roses" can apply here too. If you don't have time to take a minute to admire beautiful flowers, then you've got too much going on. Pair down on your commitments, take some time to visit the beach, and enjoy a "no worries", California moment. 20_1024x1024 This California Grown tank is a great way to showcase your California flower love <3

Beach-friendly hair

Let's face it, ladies. Beach-friendly hair is a must! It doesn't have to be short to withstand the sand and the waves, but you do need to have a plan to take care of it. Make sure your hair products are good quality and you'll be good to go! Screen_Shot_2014-06-18_at_9.39.53_AM_1024x1024 We love a good ombre almost as much as we love this California Dreamin' tank!


Lace Shorts

The best way to be cool and feminine all in one. Lace shorts are a must for every California girl and are the perfect, relaxed yet dressy accent for all occasions. You can wear them casual or dress them up, but either way make sure you've got yours for this summer! Screen_shot_2014-06-10_at_7.39.54_AM_1024x1024 These lacey-beauties pair perfectly with our California Grown Zip up Sweatshirt.

A killer jean jacket

Every California girl can use a killer jean jacket. No matter if its dark wash, faded, or acid wash, the perfect jean jacket will go with everything from dresses to jeans, lace to tank tops. Make sure the style you pick is unique to your tastes, not your besties, and rock that baby wherever you want! Screen_Shot_2014-06-18_at_9.22.14_AM_1024x1024 ^The perfect tank/jean jacket combo!!!

All the right accessories

Never overlook your accessories! Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, hats, or even a great handbag can accentuate your individual style. gold2_1024x1024 Show your Cali-love and accessorize with this delicate California Outline necklace! Every California girl can use accessories to help complete a look in a way that only they could pull together. Screen_shot_2014-06-10_at_9.35.46_AM_1024x1024 Great use of a delicate gold bracelet with this beach-style "Golden California" poncho.

Great Friends

A must-have for California girls (and girls everywhere) are great friends! We're talking about the kind of friend who you can call up at any hour of the day. The friend who will always tell you the truth about your outfit choices. The friend who will laugh with you and at you because she knows you're laughing too. Screen_shot_2014-06-10_at_9.40.45_AM_1024x1024 Best friends. Long boards. California Limited tanks and tee's. What more do you need?


Luckily, California has this need in abundance. Soak it up, but don't forget the sunscreen! Screen_Shot_2014-06-18_at_9.22.45_AM_1024x1024 Catch your dreams and some sunshine with this Cali Bear Dream catcher Flowy Tee!


Every California girl NEEDS her dreams. Dreams for things big and small. Ladies, what are your dreams? 2_1024x1024 "The Future Belongs to the Dreamer" tank is just what we Cali girls NEED to remind us to *always* dream.

There's An App For That: Best Apps Every Californian Should Have.

Knowing that over half of Americans own smart phones, we've compiled a list of some of the best apps that every Californian should have! Whether it's traffic reports on congested roadways or a vacation idea, we've got you covered.

Best Smart Phone Apps Every Californian Should Have

California Road Report See CalTrans road conditions, chain control, find rest stops, and even see CHP incidents with this handy app! California Best Apps From Pinterest via Lumoid California Essential Guide ($4.99) At about the price of a venti drink at Starbucks, this hand app will help you plan your next California vacation! Disneyland App | Mouse Wait There are many Disneyland apps but this is a favorite. If you live in Southern California you must have this app. California State Parks Map ($0.99) It may cost you almost a dollar, but this app for California State Parks is worth it! Plan a trip to the California Redwoods and use this app to download maps of the area to always know where you are. California Best Apps From Wikipedia - Tide Pools

California Tidepools We call this one of the best apps because, if you're on the California coast, this app is a must! The beautiful photos and informational captions will help you explore the California coast.

DiscoverIt! California This free app claims to help you, "Find Anything - no cell service, no internet, no maps, no pins, no typing!" With points of interest, information for hikers and bikers, and so much more, this app has to be included in a best apps list! California Best Apps Flickr- Scott Smith California Traffic Report Avoid getting stuck in traffic with this app that covers Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and San Diego. California Atlas ($4.99) No matter where you are in California, this atlas app will show you the way to go! California Traffic Cameras/Transit/Travel/NOAA See what's going on in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego through his handy free app. California Hot Springs ($9.99) It may be a little more expensive (like one month of Spotify) but if you love mineral springs and spas, this is the app for you. California Ins & B&B’s ($2.99) Find inns, B&B's and cute boutique hotels with this amazing app. California's Gold Country Travel Guide As part of the best apps for California, we couldn't leave out the history buffs. Use this app for traveling and discovering more about California's rich history. California Farmers' Market Finder Look all over California to find a Farmers' Market near you! Yelp Though not specific to California, this has to be part of a best apps list because it's just so helpful! California Best Apps From Pinterest via

Chimani Yosemite National Park Travel to Yosemite National Park with this amazingly helpful app.

California Wine Club Food and Wine Wheel Pair any wine with any food using this handy app made for the California Wine Club. California Breweries For the discerning beer connoisseur this app has it all - a list of brewery locations and information. California Best Apps From Pinterest via Tumbler California Surfing ($4.99) Dude you like, need to have this totally awesome surfing app. It's for sure the gnarliest app ever! Skate California ($0.99) Perfect guide to the skate parks of California. QuakeFeed for Earthquakes It's no secret that earthquakes are bound to happen in California. Use this completely free app to get alerts, see maps, and find out the size of any earthquake! Fire Station App ($1.99) Often, during the summer especially, California is prone to wilderness and residential fires. This app lets you in on where all local fire stations are. San Francisco Exploration Guide Visit San Francisco and use this app to get around. Hearst Castle Planning that trip to see the Hearst Castle? Navigate through it with this app! 165e70dc3986fc855ec369f46e418360 From PInterest by hendartopermadi

Pocket Penguins See these cuties live from the California Academy of Sciences! Perfect for a break at lunch.

California Homes for Sale Do you love California so much you've decided to move? Or maybe it's time to relocate? Use this app to find the perfect location! VSCO Cam One of the best apps for photo editing. Every Californian should have this free app!  

Summer Vacation Hot Spot: Shasta Lake has everthing you'll want...and more!

Summer Vacation Hot Spot: Shasta Lake has everthing you'll want...and more!

This summer, Shasta Lake should top your vacation hot spot list! There is so much to do and see that you won't be sorry you ventured to beautiful Northern California for the summer. Check out these actives guaranteed to satisfy everyone in your family, from the dare devil to the adventurer.

Shasta Lake

Located about 12 miles north of Redding, California, Shasta Lake is a popular vacation spot for families and groups from all over California. With its deep emerald waters nestled among lush pine forests, this lake is perfect for relaxing or enjoying your favorite water activity. Take a picnic lunch and use one of the many day-use areas. Use fees generally run about $6 for a day of fun! Shasta Lake Flickr-Amitanjan

Houseboat Fun

Whether you're a seasoned houseboat adventurer or willing to try something new this summer, Shasta Lake is definitely the place to venture out on a houseboat to beat the summer heat. Check out this link for businesses that rent houseboats on Shasta Lake. A great way to bring the cost down is to consider joining up with several friends to rent a houseboat and then split the cost. It's fun and cost efficient! Shasta Lake House Boat Flickr-wrek23

Camping and Lodging

The great outdoors of Shasta Lake are calling to you! It's time to pack up your tent or hook up your trailer and make the trek to one of the more than 15 campgrounds surrounding Shasta Lake in the beautiful Shasta-Trinity National Forest (find a list of them here). Not a fan of that much outdoor activity? Don't worry - there are other options for staying close to Shasta Lake. You can rent a cabin or cottage near the lake, stay in a hotel or motel, or even stay in a vacation rental near the lake.

Shasta Lake Water Ski

Shasta Lake Water Activities

Whether it's swimming, boating, water-skiing, fishing, or a combination of these things, Shasta Lake has it all. Bring your own toys (boats, water skis, fishing equipment) or rent them there.

Hiking and mountain biking

When you're not out on the water, you can explore the various hiking and biking trails in the forests surrounding Shasta Lake. Make sure you take a snack, some water, and your camera because you'll never want to forget the beauty of the Shasta-Trinity Forest!

Cave Adventure

While you're out enjoying the natural beauty of Shasta Lake, you need to plan a visit to the Shasta Caverns. After taking a boat ride across the lake and a comfortable bus ride up the hill to the mouth of the caverns, you will be awed with the natural beauty of the limestone and the rich history behind the caverns discovery. This is a great excursion for any individual, family, or group. With prices ranging between $14 to $24 you can't pass this up! Check out their website for specific information and to purchase tickets online.

Photo Ben Wiggins


Not everyone enjoys being outdoors all the time. If you find yourself in that position and want a change from nature to civilization, check out the city of Redding California not too far away. There is a cinema, mall, and many popular restaurants too choose from. Source: USDA Forest Service Shasta-Trinty Site and ShastaLake.comCover Photo: Flickr - Rene Rivers Cover photo: From Flickr - Rene Rivers

The joy of shopping: a list of outlet malls in California you need to hit

Aside from getting some sun on your face, some sand between your toes, and the seas to splash happily in, you can make your trip to the golden state worthwhile by getting some shopping in. And while you’re getting a cardio workout hopping from one shop to another, a great time and money saver is checking out the numerous outlet malls in California. Don’t knock it till you try it – shopping in outlet stores doesn’t mean you have to go into messy warehouses to peruse defective or damaged products and settle for cheap-price-for-cheap-quality goods. Outlet malls these days are exactly like your usual retail malls, minus the fancy-schmancy décor and hoity-toity ambiance. If you’re a seasoned and serious shopper who’s on a mission to find more bang for your buck, these outlet malls are crammed with stores you can check out:

Camarillo Premium OutletsCamarillo, CA

Camarillo Premium Outlets For people with a heightened appreciation for designer fashion, bargains from brands like Armani, Coach, Kenneth Cole, and Ralph Lauren may be too hard to pass up. Sporty adventurous types will just love checking out last season’s athletic shoes from shops like Nike, New Balance, Puma, Reebok, and Saucony. Boasting a total of 160 stores, this outlet mall located North of Los Angeles is a popular stopover for out-of-town road trippers and locals alike.

Desert Hills Premium OutletsCabarzon, CA

Desert Hills Premium Outlets Looking for something to give your mom? Get her classic pieces to wear from Ann Taylor, shoes from Aldo, a handbag from Kate Spade, or lotions and fragrances from L’Occitane. Check out Bose and give your dad the gift of home gadgetry. Is your gal-pal beauty conscious? Get her a goodie bag of assorted cosmetics and skin care products from Clarins or Crabtree & Evelyn. Whoever it is that you’re shopping for, there’s a little bit of something for everybody in this outlet mall comprised of over 130 stores located within the Los Angeles area.

Gilroy Premium OutletsGilroy, CA

Gilroy Premium Outlets If you happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area, this outlet mall located South of San Jose is one of the more popular outlet malls to hit – you’ve got over 140 stores to choose from. Go nuts and hoard your favorite scented products at Bath & Body Works for both yourself and your friends. Binge-shop for baby’s clothes at Carter’s, OshKosh B’gosh, Gymboree, and The Children’s Place and never come empty-handed to baby showers, birthdays, and baptisms. And for the teen girls in your life, you can get cute outfits from shops like Juicy Couture, Justice, Rue21, and Wet Seal – you’ll surely be a hit!

Las Americas Premium OutletsSan Diego, CA

Las Americas Premium Outlets San Diego is a major surf city and home of the very first triathlon held in the country, making it the ideal destination for athletic adventure-lovers. So of course, if there’s anything you should shop for in this outlet mall, it would be tons and tons of sports apparel and accessories! Go to Adidas for their latest discounts on footwear. Head to O’Neill or PacSun for your surf apparel. If you need sunglasses, there are at least 5 stores you can check out for that. Out of over 125 stores, you can rest assured that you will come out of your shopping spree decked in your sporty best.

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