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What’s not to love about ice cream? Especially, when it’s piled high with fresh fruit and a special blend of Tajin and Chamoy. At La Michoacana Premium (pronounced Lah Meech-oh-ah-CAH-nah) in Anaheim, Calif., you can enjoy delicious mangoneadas — fresh fruit topped with chamoy sauce, mangos, and a choice of lime juice, chili powder and a tamarind straw. These traditionally authentic treats are made to order and are completely customizable. In order to ensure freshness, La Michoacana Premium makes all their ice cream with fresh fruit and other natural ingredients. With a variety of water-based popsicles made with real sliced fruit,...

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Located close to the Anaheim Resort District and tucked between the cities of Westminster and Garden Grove, California, is a place with a rich Vietnamese history that serves as a cultural hub for amazing and authentic Vietnamese cuisine. This magical place is called Little Saigon, and if you haven’t been, you need to take a visit.

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"An especially wet winter was largely welcomed across California this season for the relief it brought to a region suffering from severe drought. But for residents of Big Sur along the state’s central coast, an increased number of landslides and road closures have proven particularly problematic. The latest of which, a slide that covered a 1/3 mile stretch of Highway 1, is being called unprecedented. The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office posted a video on Facebook of the devastation with the following explanation: 'MCSO airplane Idaho 90 up in the air to put eyes on the recent landslide at Mud Creek...

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Summer is finally here! You've packed up the car and are ready to head out on a great adventure, but you may find yourself wondering exactly where to go. North, South, the beach, the mountains...? The questions are endless. Don't worry though - California has everything (and more) that you'd want for the best summer vacation! Below you'll find 25 amazing California road trip destinations as well as some fun places to stop along the way to add to your list. California Road Trip Destinations Northern California Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City This lighthouse and museum is a great...

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It’s very easy to live an eat-drink-and-be-merry lifestyle in the west coast, particularly in California, where craft breweries are abundant. In fact, with the amount of establishments that serve delicious brews of various flavors, it makes total sense to make a road trip out of it with your very own California brewery tour! 21st Amendment Brewery, San Francisco As one of the most diverse and interesting cities in the country, San Francisco is home to a myriad of brew pubs to visit for the first time. One of the most essential stops a beer tourist must hit to begin an...

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