13 reasons Southern California is better than anywhere else

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13 reasons Southern California is better than anywhere else

Once you’ve lived in Southern California it’s pretty hard to live anywhere else. There is no other place with better food, weather, scenery & entertainment


  • Jo

    I was born in So Cal and love it! I was transplanted to Iowa as a kid and have lived here ever since. I try to visit every couple of years tho and California will always be home in my heart. I am nearing retirement now and would love to settle there, but it’s WAY too expensive! Florida, here I come!

  • Laureen Vasquez

    I love southern Califonia they have a lot of stuff to do I miss it so much

  • Dan

    Love hot carrots.

  • Glenna Cole

    I had the best fish taco a couple of weeks ago at a local restaurant . It was halibut, not fried, and the beans really good! However they looked at me and like two heads when I asked if they had hot carrots !

  • Lanette Alexander (Lee) Suggs

    Gal’s who LOVE Norcal and just happen to live elsewhere but may be a transplant…..why do you hate us. We love you guy’s and love California! I don’t get it…….!!! <3

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