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13 reasons Southern California is better than anywhere else

Once you’ve lived in Southern California it’s pretty hard to live anywhere else. There is no other place with better food, weather, scenery & entertainment


  • Best place ever!! Enough said!?

    Renee on
  • I was born & raised in California. But when we retired, my husband and I moved to Maui. Great weather, flip flops, great sunsets, beaches, hiking, mountain views, fish tacos, awesome burgers, Maui Brewing Co, poke, no state income tax for retirees, and low property tax! Sorry California but your politics, higher than life property costs, and Gov Moonbeam are too much to take!!!

    Kathleen on
  • Adam, who in their right mind could ever get bored with So Cal weather? If we want hot dry weather, we went to the desert (maybe an hour or so away), if we want cold snowy ski weather, we went to the mountains (only an hour or so away, if we want to surf we went to the beach(es) (only 10-15 minutes away. So Cal has it All within easy reach without extremes. In other words, in my opinion, So Cal is THE perfect place to have grown up.

    Cheryl on
  • Hey I’m not from California, I’m from Australia. I been to Cali heaps of times though. The weather is awesome in LA. I’ve always wanted to ask a local southern Californian though, do you get bored with the weather? I’m being serious. Do you get the odd day of rain and think it’s a pleasant change? Or do you like the predictability? Myself, I love it. Knowing that tomorrow is going to be just as as the day before.

    Adam on
  • Southern California has the best weather! By far!

    Laura Gonzalez on

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