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5 Best Sandwiches Stores and Restaurants in California

5 Best Sandwiches Stores and Restaurants in California

Who doesn’t like to eat a sandwich? Only few people does, or maybe there’s none. Why? Maybe because there is a large variety of choices when it comes to sandwiches. The bread alone has several types, there are buns, wheat breads, your regular loaf bread, multigrain bread, French Baguette, Ciabatta and a lot more! Aside from the bread, what is between it is really what others think of more. The spread already had tons of variety, from the all-time favorite Peanut Butter and Jelly to Nutella to readymade tuna spread to just your regular mayonnaise. This spreads are sometimes match with meat and/or vegetables for added flavor and to make it more delightful. So now, we can say that you might not like one flavor of sandwich but we know that there’s a flavor that you really like or will truly love.

In California, you won’t be having a hard time looking for a delicious sandwich, why? Because there are a lot of shops selling it. To help you out, we have listed the top sandwich shops that are really a must try.

1. Son of a Gun

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This restaurant is located in 8370 W 3rd ST, Los Angeles, California. When you visit the place, the first thing you might notice is the ambiance and the wall decors. The wall decors are full of things you may see at sea, may it be a regular fishing equipment to a pirate ship’s accessory. Also, there are hunting equipment and memorabilia hanging on the wall. This wall décor seems like saying that you’ll have an adventure in every time you dine. Their sandwiches are as cozy and adventurous as the place. When we say adventurous, we mean that the sandwiches will be having such exploding taste and flavor in every bite. A must try sandwich here is their fried chicken sandwich. It is one towering and delightful sandwich.

2. Ridgetop Cafe & Coffee Barn

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This place is one of the best and most recommended breakfast spot. Why? Well, because aside from their sandwich, they also serve a really good coffee. Located in Fortuna, California, this place will really wake you up with their mouthwatering meals. The place, as it is named, looks like a barn on the farm but this rustic vibe makes the place more inviting to their guests. Inside it is really spacious and their menus are all worth trying out. One of the first dish you must try is their Mary's Free Range Grilled Chicken Sandwich, it is served with your choice of delicious French fries and coleslaw or soup.

3. Blackmarket Bakery

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The place is known for serving delightful bread, so making it into a sandwich just makes it excellent! With three locations- Costa Mesa, Santa Ana and San Diego- this store is really making a name when it comes to sandwiches. Also, they try to make each location unique from one another by creating different specialties for each of their store. Aside from good food, they named their sandwiches in the most appealing way possible. One of their grilled sandwich is named Handsome Italian, this one does not have a face but is really attractive to look at and will really suit your appetite. Their breads are also freshly baked every time and you’ll notice it right at your first bite.

4. Queso Kings

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This store just opened year ago but is already known for serving good sandwiches. Well, the name speaks for itself as they are serving their sandwiches with tasty cheese. The first Queso Kings opened in October 2016 inside of the Loleta Cheese Factory in Loleta, California. They are specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches, so if you’re a cheese lover, these store is worth a visit. They also have sweet flavor that shockingly goes well with their cheese. To match with their sandwiches, they also serve delicious coffee. They have wide variety of flavors on mocha, latte and black coffee.

5. The Little Jewel of New Orleans

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This is a local grocery and deli that served New Orleans style sandwiches that will surely make you want to have more. They value authenticity and made sure that all of their sausages and other cooking meats are made in house. Also, they do their best to serve the community well by providing them will all of their favorite baked goods daily. They have a lot of shoices when it comes to sandwiches. They have sandwiches that are served in small buns and there are some that are served in big ones that will surely fill your tummy with goodness. They also allow customers to customize their sandwich by having some add-ons that will truly make your sandwich amazing.

These are just few of the tons of amazing sandwich stores and restaurants in California. We know you know one so go share it with your friends because eating is more fun when you have someone to share it with!

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