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Things you will miss if you leave California

Things you will miss if you leave California

From time to time we need to move to places, may it be permanently or not. Some needs to do it for work or for a better way of living. Some just want to tour a place for some time or to visit a relative or a friend. Whatever the reason may be, will it be a long stay or not, our mind and body still needs to be able to adjust to the place. Why? Because the surrounding of the new place might either be too cool or too hot for us, or maybe it has a different time zone that will make it hard for us to get some sleep. It’s not just that, every culture is different as well. There might be some things that are legal on your origin that is prohibited on the new place. Sometimes, people on the place might be too or not too hospitable compared from where you came from.

If you are from California and you would want to visit or move to another countries, we have listed the things that you got used to in California that will make it hard for you to adjust in another place.

1. There are fresh fruits and vegetable anywhere in California

Blue Berries Close Up Photography
The state is rich when it comes to agricultural products. You’ll be able to buy fresh fruits in the market or you may even harvest them on your own. Since the weather condition in this state is really good when it comes to farming, some tend to even plant fruits and vegetable on their backyard. In other state or country, it might be hard for you to find fresh and newly harvested fruits and vegetable either due to their weather conditions or due to lack of agricultural spaces. You might go looking for the taste of freshness in your avocados, well, you might find one but not as good as what you used to have.

2. It’s sunny in California almost all year long

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This might be one of the hardest adjustment you have to make. The fact that you’re used to a fine weather condition made it a habit for you to wear the simplest and most comfy clothes on your closet. Walking around in shorts and flip flops is a usual thing for you. But once you moved, you might have to change it because there are places that has a lot colder weather than California. You might feel too cold even if the sun is still out on that new location due to the cold breeze. Well, you may use a sweater or jacket if you want to warm yourself up. Be prepared because this time you will be all covered up.

3. There are a lot of hiking sites and waterfalls

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If you’re into hiking or climbing activities, you might miss this activity. The state is rich in many mountains and forest that they really try to protect and preserve. This is one best thing about California, they care for the environment in the best way they could and almost all of its people are doing so as well. You might miss these types of environmental trips and activities once you transfer, though there are some places that has good hiking sights but it might not be as many or as beautiful as California’s.

4. California is a very diverse state

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This state is known to be open to all types of races, gender, tradition and all types of things that may make one different to the other. There are other communities that are also welcome to this types of things but there are some that are not either due to their beliefs or religion or it might affect their tradition. Well, gay communities might be usual nowadays but the level of acceptance differs from one place to another. In some, they might be accepted but not recognize by the government but in some, they play a big part of the community and the constitution.

5. Gorgeous beaches

beach, footprint, salt water
This might be one of the sights that you’ll miss most! We all know that California is surrounded by a lot of different beautiful beaches that surfers and beach lovers enjoys so much. In this state your beach get away is just a few minutes or hours away, but in some the nearest water adventure that you might find is a man-made water park. Also, since the weather in California is so fine, it makes almost everyday a beach day unlike in other places where you have to wait for summer to come before you may enjoy it.

6. Mexican Food

It's no secret California has the best mexican food. And it's pretty much understood that no other state offers the variety, authenticity, or even quality of mexican food that California has. So if you live and die by street tacos, prepare to cry your heart out. 


This might be just a short list but we are sure that you’ll be missing this things so much aside from the friends that you’ll be leaving behind as well.


  • Yup, none of that is in Texas…nope…stay in California, nothing for you to see anywhere else.

    TxNuc on
  • I was born and raised in the Bay Area but moved over 30 years ago. Still a 49 ers fan….love and miss you California

    LaTonya on
  • Moved here, only thing I miss from other places are old bug houses that are affordable, neighborhoods with character instead of endless homes that all look alike on micro lots. What I love, the protections, the ability to get about anything to eat or buy with in a 20 min. drive. Where I live 1 hour to a beach or skiing, even smaller towns have arts that are a major part of the city. Pay us good, time off is great, there is a reason CA is a world economy beating out a majority of major countries,

    David Seifert on
  • I’ve born in California. Ive moved with my parents to several states growing up. After college i moved back so glad to be back. 20 years goes by and we could hardly wait to get out. Been out 11 months. I miss my friends & family, Avacados, Taco Trucks, & the Beaches. I love the place I moved! So glad to leave the Marxist regime that most have bought into.

    58 on
  • Moved to Nevada…
    Close enough to the Cali Hell Hole….
    I can pop in and out!!
    And still be free!

    John on

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