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Top Golf is Coming to Los Angeles - get the details here!

Everyone has their own favorite ball game. Most choose basketball and volleyball with proper set of rules and a standardized playing area.

But some loves swinging and hitting that golf ball. No specific terrain for its playing area, anything can happen once that ball goes flying. It may be the quietest game but it is definitely one of the most thrilling and nerve racking sport- a silent but deadly game I would say.

In Golf, your mind and body should come in symphony. It is a game full of strategizing and control. The mere fact that how you strike the golf ball will affect everything, it is important that a player analyze it before doing any move. Well, you can’t do anything else once your golf ball lands on the sand – you have to bring it onto the hole no matter what.

This sport might seem too boring to some but the excitement of watching each game is like being one number closer to winning the lottery.

However, looking for a venue to play this game is critical. You must make sure that the place is not too windy and has little to no obstruction. So unlike other games, you can’t just set it up anywhere.

This is why golf lovers who are into business looks for a perfect venue and transform it to become ideal for playing this sport. It doesn’t have to be fancy as long as it has the right wind condition, floor area and a space that is enough for each player to make a swing.

But someone decided to take this to a different level. It’s Topgolf.

Topgolf is a paradise for golfers. It is not just a venue to play but also to bond and mingle with other golfers. This place is simply extraordinary.

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HDTVs around the place, some music, and impressive food – this place got it all! This made it a perfect venue for company games, reunions and those who wants to feel a bit lighter when playing the game.

Hence, Topgolf is not just about the entertainment. They made sure that it will be a suitable venue for any gold game. They have climate-controlled playing bays for it to be comfortable to use anytime of the year. Plus, their venue is not just for adults- it’s perfect for all ages and even for those who are not into the game.

And last September 2018, Topgolf announced through their twitter account that they are coming to Los Angeles! But where?!

According to reports from The Daily Breeze, Topgolf won the deal with El Segundo and will be transforming a golf course into this paradise.

The Lakes is the golf course in El Segundo that will be transformed into this high end venue. It is still a great place but maybe it’s now time to keep up with the trend and get along with the developing technology.

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Topgolf will turn this two-story range to three-story with the most up to date technology. It will be a climate controlled building with electronic scoreboards and 100 hitting bays! Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

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Plus, this will not just be an ordinary golf course because you can come with your friends to hang out! Some said that there will be some private rooms where you can watch the game while talking and laughing with your peers! The noise won’t affect other players anymore! There’s more! They’ll serve food and drinks here as well! And base on what we read and heard, Topgolf serves impressive food that can be hard to find in other ranges.

Their dish includes grilled steak pitas, burgers, and even desserts. In their Las Vegas location, they also serve like margaritas, old fashioned, and Long Island iced teas to go with crispy rock shrimp, kalbi short rib tacos, chicken wings, and flatbreads. Hopefully all this will come to LA.

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All this amazing things will make it a great venue for hosting an even or a party. Maybe, there will be a couple that love golf so much that they’ll have their wedding here! That will be epic!

Also they strive to change the game. They made traditional driving ranges to a more techy game. They somewhat made it with electronic targets that award points when balls land in them.

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Hence, we have read that some have doubts about all of this. For some traditional and local golfers, this might make the cost of playing golf too expensive for some to afford. They fear that it might increase the cost of golf balls in the market as well.

Also, some fear that it will just worsen the traffic in the city. Some are also questioning why The Lakes should be transformed if everything is still okay. Well, everyone has the right for their opinion and we can never really tell until its build and running.

Doubting or not, everyone in Los Angeles and even the entire state is waiting for its big reveal!

We do hope that this will bring a positive change in the traditional golf game and will truly bring joy to all its future guests!

Topgolf, California is ready for you!


  • I’m so excited. I have a marvelous time at the Las Vegas location and this is perfect location off Sepulveda. I’m really looking forward to hosting my birthday party there in 2020. When are you opening?

    Tamika Kennedy on
  • Is it done yet? I just came back from San Antonio Texas they have top golf there and we had a blast. Please let me know if you guys had this already here in LA. Thanks

    Xenia Berry on
  • OMG! When When When? Do we have a date set for opening?

    Nash on
  • We need one at the Great Park in Orange County, plenty of room and a lot of interest!!
    I will personally help. Love this idea.

    Liz Mascaro on
  • The Ontario area of the Inland Empire would be an ideal location for Top Golf to expand.

    Tim on

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